The Light of The World

We are:


We believe the existence and love of God is unique, powerful, and that his son Jesus Christ was sent to save the world.
We are Christians And our faith has been founded in the teachings of Jesus Christ who was sent by God for the salvation of mankind. He is our foundation and the only mediator with God.
We accept with faith and deeds the Divine Election of Apostles in this time of restoration of God’s church and his grace.
We Affirm that Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit in the womb of Mary a Holy, Blessed Virgin who persevered with the primitive church.
We aspire for eternal life by persevering in the knowledge of God and doing good works.
We share with our beloved the message of salvation of Jesus Christ and the hope of eternal life.
We uphold the necessity of being baptized in water and by the Holy Spirt to enter eternity with God.
We proclaim the second coming go Jesus Christ for his church and one day to be transformed like him in glory.


We acknowledge the freewill of man to work according to his belief, feeling, and  will.
We respect social diversity regarding human rights and mutual coexistence.
We affirm a respectful, sincere an honest dialogue between mankind is essential in order to live in harmony with one another.
We approve the scientific an technologic advances that benefit the human development of mankind.
We reject fanaticism, discrimination, intolerance, vices, delinquency, and any type of violence.
We disapprove of any act that harms mankind and that benefits one’s dignity and honor.


We share the universal human rights of the liberty of mankind.
We believe that the governments are established to work justice, punish those who do wrong, and protect those who do good.
We recognize that we are obligated as citizens to comply to the laws of every country, and respect national cultures and patriotic symbols.
We affirm that education on all levels is essential to better oneself.
We are an enthusiastic church that looks for the wellbeing, progress, and development of its members.
Light of the World

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